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Sony PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller - Multi-colors LED MOD

Product description

Shine is done with this custom-made Sony DualSense LED controller. The controller has all the possibilities that you are used to from a DualSense with extra LED modifications.

As a gamer you only want one thing: a unique gaming controller. It doesn't get much better than this LED controller. With our controller you get a controller that your friends will be jealous of!

We use 100% official PlayStation Wireless DualSense controllers and build in an LED modification. The inside of the original controller is modified by us with a LED MOD. Enjoy a unique, evolved design with iconic layout and improved joysticks.

The controller is delivered ready-to-use and ready to play at your home. Plug and play.

This controller contains the following parts:

  • 100% Official Sony PlayStation Wireless DualSense controller
  • Transparent buttons and thumbsticks (with or without symbols)
  • Instructions for programming the LED MOD

LED modification

The colors of the LED modification can be set as desired. 7 colors can be assigned to: D-Pad, left thumbstick, right thumbstick, home button and action buttons (X, O, square and triangle). In addition to the different colors, there are also two additional modes such as slow and fast flashing. The colors can be added in-game at any time by entering programming mode (by pressing a key combination). LED MOD in-game programming instructions are included with the order.

Product specifications

PlayStation 5
Connection type
Controller type
Remappable buttons
LED mod
Force feedback


5 / 5Based on 2 reviews
  • 5 / 5
    Posted by: Webert on 16 November 2021
    Met symbolen heb je wel echt een nice controller voor de donkere kamers
  • 5 / 5
    Posted by: Lucky Deijkers on 16 November 2021
    Mijn zoontje heeft er veel plezier van gehad! hele mooie kleuren!!
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