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ProFPS Duo Pack (Black Edition) for PS4/PS5 – Precision Rings - Thumbsticks Mixed

Product description

With the combination of precision rings and thumbsticks, you gain more resistance, higher precision and accuracy, and increased speed during gameplay. The four precision rings come in two different types of hardness: soft and hard. This allows you to choose which one feels the most comfortable during your gaming sessions. Additionally, the package includes two performance thumbsticks: a concave low-rise and a domed low-rise thumbstick, elevating your gaming level even further!

Benefits of ProFPS Gaming Accessories
- Includes precision rings and performance thumbsticks
- Suitable for Playstation 4 (PS4) and Playstation 5 (PS5) controllers
- Instantly improve your gaming performance
- More resistance, speed, and accuracy
- Aim assistant and more precise movements
- Strong and good grip
- Durable tear-resistant foam rubber precision rings
- Precision rings available in soft and hard
- Concave low-rise and domed low-rise thumbstick
- Moisture-wicking materials
- Non-slip rubber
- Approved for eSports
- 100% satisfaction guarantee
- Free shipping
- Improve your gaming skills

ProFPS Precision Rings
More control, more speed, and higher accuracy. This is exactly what you experience while gaming with the ProFPS precision rings. With two different types of hardness: soft and hard, you choose which ring best suits your game at that time. With the right precision ring, the movements are more accurate and precise, allowing you to aim better and move more easily through the game. With the strong tear-resistant foam rubber, the precision ring stays in place and is very resistant to countless gaming sessions!

Performance Thumbsticks
Increase control over the controller by adding more grip and accuracy during gaming. The ProFPS performance thumbsticks are specially designed to enhance your agility, grip, and precision. With a concave low-rise and a domed low-rise thumbstick, you have more angles for faster aiming and moving. Additionally, the non-slip rubber material ensures that your finger does not easily slide off the thumbstick and adds extra comfort to your fingers. With a high improvement in control, more grip, and more comfort, your gaming experience becomes even more exciting!

- Brand: ProFPS
- Material: non-slip, rubber, foam rubber
- Thumbsticks: 1 concave low-rise, 1 domed low-rise thumbstick
- Precision rings: 4 pieces
- 2x black precision ring: soft
- 2x black precision ring: hard
- Suitable for: Playstation 4 (PS4), Playstation 5 (PS5)
- Manuals: English, French, German, Dutch
- Certification: CE

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