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ProFPS Duo Pack PS5 Controller Grip + Thumbsticks Mixed

Product description

Every serious PlayStation gamer recognizes the importance of precision and comfort during the most critical gaming moments. The ProFPS Duo Pack is designed to provide just that. This package, consisting of premium thumbsticks and ergonomic controller grips, is the key to a superior gaming experience for a PS5 controller. By combining these two essential gaming accessories, ProFPS ensures that every movement counts, whether you're in the middle of an intense shooter or making your mark on the virtual sports fields.

Controller Grips: Ergonomics Meets Performance
- Optimal Grip: Prevents the controller from slipping out of your hands.
- Thermal Comfort: Keeps hands cool and sweat-free.
- Ergonomic Comfort: Reduces fatigue during long gaming sessions.
- Stylish Design: Gives your setup a professional look.

Thumbsticks: Precision and Control in Every Movement
- Enhanced Precision: For better aiming and faster reactions.
- Versatile: Choice of low- and medium-rise thumbsticks for any play style.
- Non-slip Material: Rubber controller grips for a firm finger position.
- Quick Installation:Easy to apply and remove.

Quick Start with Your ProFPS Grips and Thumbsticks
Our PS5 controller grips and thumbsticks are designed so that you can apply them within seconds, without any hassle with adhesive strips or tricky assembly processes. This ensures a user-friendly experience that gets you back to gaming quickly.

ProFPS Duo Pack: The Ultimate Upgrade for Your Gaming Setup
With the ProFPS Duo Pack, you hold the essential gaming accessories for the PS5 that are necessary to elevate your game to the next level. This package of controller grips and thumbstick is the definition of 'play like a pro', designed to offer both visual style and unmatched functionality. Whether you're looking for an edge in competitive matches or simply want to enhance the comfort of your gaming experience, the ProFPS Duo Pack guarantees quality and results.

- Brand: ProFPS
- Thumbsticks: 1 concave low-rise, 1 domed low-rise thumbstick
- Material: non-slip, rubber, foam rubber
- Controller Grip:
- Material: Polymer
- Type: Non-slip
- Suitable for: Playstation 4 (PS4), Playstation 5 (PS5)
- Manuals: English, French, German, Dutch
- Certification: CE

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