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Instructions for setting up your PS4 eSports controller

Follow the steps below to activate the programming mode of your eSports (PRO or Elite) controller:

Step 1: Snap the included buttons (K1, K2, K3 & K4) onto the back of the PRO eSports controller. See the image below for button placement. In the case of the Elite eSports controller, you have two positions on which to click the buttons. K1 Left and K2 Right.

The steps below are identical for the PRO and Elite eSports controller.

Step 2: Turn on your controller and connect the controller to your PlayStation 4.

Step 3: Activate the programming mode. This can be done by pressing the following key combination:

L1 + R1 + DOWN + X

Press and hold the above button combination for at least 5 seconds. The blue indicator light turns on when programming mode is active.

Step 4: When the programming mode is active, the blue indication light remains on. Now it is possible to assign action buttons. See the example below:

Example: Assign action button O to button K2.

Press and hold action button O and button K2 for at least 3 seconds. If the pairing is successful, the blue indicator light flashes 3 times. If the pairing is unsuccessful, the indicator light turns red. In this case try again.

The following buttons can be assigned to K1, K2, K3 and K4 (K3 and K4 only applicable to PRO controllers).

Step 5: When you have finished programming the buttons, end the programming mode in the same way as in step 3.

EXTRA: To delete all assigned buttons at once, press and hold the following buttons for 5 seconds until the red indicator light blinks 3x:


If you still have questions after reading our instructions, please feel free to contact us via customer service.

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