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Receive 20% discount on all DIY itemsReceive 20% discount on all DIY itemswith the discount code DIY20

CS eSports Controller PS5 - White 3D Grip

Product description

Become the best in the eSports arena with this custom Sony DualSense eSports controller. The controller has all the options you are used to from a DualSense with extra eSports options.

As a pro gamer, you only want one thing: a unique gaming controller. It doesn't get much better than this eSports controller. With our controller you get a controller that your friends will be jealous of and you can outplay your opponent.

We use 100% official PlayStation Wireless DualSense controllers and make an eSports design from them. The housing of the original controller is replaced by us for the new design with eSports buttons. Enjoy a unique, evolved design with iconic layout and improved joysticks.

The controller is delivered ready-to-use and ready to play at your home. Plug and play.

This controller contains the following parts:

  • 100% Official Sony PlayStation Wireless DualSense controller
  • Custom back shell with programmable eSports buttons (2 pieces)
  • Instructions for programming the eSports buttons in-game

eSports buttons

Are you a pro gamer with a passion for eSports? Then our eSports buttons with programmable back buttons are a must-have for you! We make eSports controllers to help you become the best player you can be!

Our eSports controllers add extra features to the standard controller. We believe there is a better way to play and have pushed the boundaries to create a better gaming experience. We increase dexterity by using the previously unused fingers on the back. Placing the buttons where your fingers rest allows us to speed up response time and improve performance because the thumbs never leave the thumbsticks.

The function of the eSports Buttons can be set as desired. 12 buttons can be assigned to the rear buttons: X, O, square, triangle, D-Pad (up, down, left, right), L1, L2, R1, and R2. The buttons can be added in-game at any time by entering programming mode (by pressing a key combination). Instructions for in-game programming of the back buttons will be sent with the order.

Upgrade: 6 in 1 interchangeable thumbsticks

Take control over your thumbsticks! Our 6 in 1 interchangeable thumbsticks are the solution for you. The height-adjustable thumbsticks improve the flexibility and comfort of the joysticks. The thumbsticks come in three different heights:

  • 17 mm.
  • 14.5 mm.
  • 11 mm.

And with two different surfaces:

  • Concave (3x)
  • Domed (3x)

Mix and match your thumbsticks in height and in grip for more control and more wins!

Upgrade: hair triggers

Hair triggers reduce unnecessary trigger movement past the activation point – great for shooter games!

Upgrade: remappable L3 + R3

By default, only the X, O, Square, Triangle, D-Pad (up, down, left, right), L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons can be copied to the rear eSports buttons. Do you also want to be able to copy the L3 and R3 to the eSports buttons? Then this is the upgrade you want to check.

Product specifications



4 / 5Based on 2 reviews
  • 3 / 5
    Posted by: Anoniem on 22 February 2022
    Controller werkt goed. Vind het wel veel geld voor een controller, maar ja is een keuze.
  • 5 / 5
    Posted by: MM197 on 10 November 2021
    betere kwaliteit dan scuf en waard voor het geld
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Consoleskins CS eSports Controller PS5 - White 3D Grip
ConsoleskinsCS eSports Controller PS5 - White 3D Grip
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