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CS eSports Controller PS5 - Dark Galaxy

eSports THEMED
Product description

With our eSports controller for the PS5, you're ready to take your gaming experience to new heights. Experience ultra-customizable control, benefit from hair triggers for quick responses, and enjoy interchangeable thumbsticks for perfect customized control. Additionally, the controller offers extra comfort and grip, allowing you to game for hours without compromise. And with compatibility for both PlayStation 5 and PC, you're flexible and can get the best of both worlds. Enhance your gameplay, elevate your performance, and dominate the game with our eSports controller for the PS5 and PC.

Benefits of the PS5 eSports Controller:

  • Ultra-customizable control.
  • 4x adjustable rear buttons.
  • Quick responses with mouse-click triggers for L1, L2, R1, R2 (only available in ELITE and MASTER versions).
  • 6-in-1 interchangeable joystick caps for optimal grip (only available in MASTER version).
  • Extra comfort during long gaming sessions.
  • Improved performance in competitive games.
  • Compatibility with PC gaming.

Ultra-customizable Control: Customize it to your preferences

Our eSports controller for the PS5 offers an unparalleled level of adaptability. With ultra-customizable controls, you can fully tailor the controller to your playstyle and preferences. Not only can you adjust the programmable buttons, but also the sensitivity of the thumbsticks, the responsiveness of the hair triggers, and even the intensity of vibration. With these extensive customization options, you can create a personal gaming experience that perfectly suits you.

4 Adjustable Rear Buttons: Increase your response speed

Our eSports controller for the PS5 is equipped with 4 adjustable rear buttons, giving you an extra advantage during gameplay. These buttons are located at the back of the controller, within reach of your fingers. By assigning important commands to these buttons, you can increase your response speed and switch between actions more quickly. With the ability to assign 12 buttons, including X, O, square, triangle, D-pad, L1, L2, R1, and R2, you can optimize your strategy and stay ahead of the competition. Whether you want to build quickly in a building and shooting game or reload swiftly in a first-person shooter, the adjustable rear buttons give you an edge over your opponents.

In the MASTER version, it is also possible to assign L3 and R3 to the rear buttons.

Instructions for in-game programming of the rear buttons are included with your order.

Mouse-Click Triggers: Enhanced responsiveness and accuracy (only available in ELITE and MASTER versions)

Our PS5 eSports controller is equipped with mouse-click triggers, allowing you to benefit from improved responsiveness and precision while gaming. With mouse-click triggers on the L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons, you can respond faster and more accurately, especially in fast-paced action games like shooters. With shortened response times and optimized sensitivity of these triggers, you can stay one step ahead of your opponents and elevate your shooting skills. Prepare for an immersive and intense gaming experience with the mouse-click triggers of our eSports controller for the PlayStation 5.

Interchangeable Thumbsticks: Perfect customized control (only available in MASTER version)

We understand that every gamer has unique preferences when it comes to thumbstick sensitivity and control. That's why we've equipped our eSports controller for the PS5 with 6-in-1 interchangeable thumbsticks. You can choose from three different heights (17mm, 14.5mm, and 11mm) and two different surfaces (concave and domed) to find the perfect combination that matches your playstyle. Whether you're looking for more precision, speed, or comfort, these interchangeable thumbsticks allow you to customize your gameplay and maintain full control.

High Performance Grip: Long-lasting comfort and stability

We understand that comfort is crucial during extended gaming sessions. That's why we've equipped our eSports controller with a high-performance grip. This grip provides a firm and comfortable hold, even during the most intense gaming sessions on the PlayStation 5. Prevent unwanted slipping and maintain maximum control over your gameplay. The high-performance grip of our PS5 controller is specially designed to enhance your gaming experience and keep your focus on the game.

Increased Performance: Gain an edge over the competition

Our eSports controller is designed to enhance your performance and give you an edge in competitive games. With customizable buttons, hair triggers, and interchangeable thumbsticks, you can optimize your gaming experience based on your personal preferences. By reducing response time and increasing precision, you can react faster to situations and surpass the competition. With our eSports controller for the PS5, you can maximize your gaming potential.

Connectivity: Plug-and-play functionality

Our eSports controller is specifically designed for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and is fully compatible with the console. With seamless wireless connectivity and plug-and-play functionality, you can dive right into your gaming adventure. The controller comes ready to use, allowing you to immediately enjoy the enhanced functionality and performance of the PS5 controller.

Compatibility with PC Gamers: Expand your gaming possibilities

Our eSports controller not only offers compatibility with the PS5 but also with PC gamers. Whether you're playing on your PlayStation 5 or PC, you can benefit from the same improved performance and customization options. Simply connect the controller to your PC and enjoy the same accuracy, response speed, and ergonomics you're familiar with. With our controller, you're not limited to one platform, allowing you to expand your gaming possibilities.

User-Friendliness: Easy to use

We understand that user-friendliness is important during gaming. Our eSports controller is intuitively designed, allowing you to start playing right away. With ergonomic buttons and an intuitive layout, the controller provides seamless operation. Connect the controller, sync it with your PS5, and you're ready to game without hassle. With our eSports controller, you'll experience both simplicity and enjoyment combined.

Product specifications

PlayStation 5, PC
Connection type
Wireless (Bluetooth), Wired (USB-C)
PS5, Windows 7+, MacOS, iOS 10+
300 grams
USB-C, 3.5mm Stereo Headset Jack


5 / 5Based on 3 reviews
  • 5 / 5
    Posted by: Toine on 6 November 2023
    Naast het feit dat het een erg prettige controller is om mee te gamen (met name FPS) werd ik ook uitermate goed geholpen door het CS-team. Ik had een fout gemaakt tijdens mijn bestelling, hierop volgend namen zij snel contact ...
    Naast het feit dat het een erg prettige controller is om mee te gamen (met name FPS) werd ik ook uitermate goed geholpen door het CS-team. Ik had een fout gemaakt tijdens mijn bestelling, hierop volgend namen zij snel contact met mij op en werd het opgelost. Daarnaast hebben zij ook nog kort voor sluitingstijd ervoor gezorgd dat mijn bestelling op tijd af was. Hierdoor had ik de controller toch nog vóór mijn vakantie in handen. Ik raad deze controller zeker aan voor iedereen die de volgende stap wilt zetten in het gamen. Denk aan games zoals Fortnite, Warzone, Apex legends en andere shooters. Ik bedank het hele CS-team, jullie zijn toppers!
  • 5 / 5
    Posted by: Roy on 28 December 2022

    Gewoon een mooie controller perfect voor snelle actie spellen de back buttons kunnen worden ingesteld voor elke knop die...

    Gewoon een mooie controller perfect voor snelle actie spellen de back buttons kunnen worden ingesteld voor elke knop die je wil en de R en L toetsen zijn vlug met reageren

    • +Snelle levering
    • +Goede kwaliteit
    • +Mooie kleuren
    • +Makkelijk te activeren
  • 5 / 5
    Posted by: Dennis on 9 November 2022
    Zeer goede controller, het design maakt het helemaal af!
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ConsoleskinsCS eSports Controller PS5 - Dark Galaxy
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