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By Consoleskins, 27 september 2021

Why is a good charging cable important?

Nowadays, gaming requires a lot of charging cables to keep everything functioning optimally, especially the controllers require a charging cable to keep their battery levels up. It amazes us every time how expensive charging cables can get, especially for the newer systems like the PlayStation5 for example. But is it really necessary to pay full price for such a simple cable that you can also buy elsewhere for half the price? In this article we will look at charging cables, and why a good charging cable is of great importance to every gamer.

Let's get right to the point and get to the heart of this article. Yes, it does matter to buy a good charging cable, and no, the cheap third-party versions are often no good or even very bad for modern gaming devices. There are significant advantages to connecting quality cables, and there are also serious consequences to using old, or cheap cables.

Let's start by looking at the benefits of using an expensive, and good charging cable for your controller, for example.
First of all, a good charging cable offers a much higher charging speed, modern cables allow more electricity to be charged in a safe way. This leads to drastically higher charging speeds, and thus less time where you can't play games because your controller is in the charger!
Furthermore, using a good charging cable is also significantly better for the life of your controller, or other products that need to be charged. The electricity is evenly distributed and consistently supplied, so the batteries in your controller last many times longer and you can enjoy trouble-free gaming for longer.

We have now looked at the advantages of using an expensive quality cable, but there are many more disadvantages to using a cheap cable. Let's take a look at some examples.
For starters, safety is an important point to mention. Cheap charging cables are often not tested or inspected and therefore pose a significantly greater fire or shock hazard than expensive quality cables.
In terms of wear and tear, it is also best to choose a good charging cable. A cheap cable wears out much faster and this has many negative consequences. The cable charges considerably slower, and the risk of fire is also much greater.
Finally, it is not smart to buy a cheap cable for structural reasons. A common problem with these types of cables is the breaking off of the end during charging. This basically makes your expensive controller useless!

So all in all, it's not a tough choice at all, it's more than worth the extra pennies to buy a good charging cable for your beloved gaming devices. This way you guarantee your own safety, and the long-lasting quality of your products. We hope this article has been helpful.



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