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By Consoleskins, 1 october 2021

What options do I have to customize my controller?

The controller is an important piece of equipment for any gamer. Almost every gamer has developed a certain bond with his or her controller, and to outsiders that may sound crazy but a controller means much more than you might think. A good controller is therefore indispensable in the world of gaming, and gamers do everything to make their controller original. You can do this by pimping your controller, but how should you do that, and what possibilities are there to pimp your controller? In this article we will look at pimping your controller.

Before we look at the different possibilities of controller pimping we will first take a step back, because why would you want to pimp your controller?

The main reason is of course originality, real gamers don't want to have the standard controller that everyone else has. You want to personalize it and your controller should be a reflection of your character, without an original controller you are simply one of many.

Another reason for wanting to pimp your controller may have to do with performance. Some modifications to your controller can have a real impact on how you game, and for some gamers this alone is enough reason to pimp his or her controller.

Now that it is clear why people want to pimp their controllers, it is time to look at the possibilities. What can we do to make our controller unique?

The first thing that immediately comes to mind when talking about pimping is the color scheme of your controller. Almost every controller has the same color, but colored controllers look instantly cooler. There are many possibilities for the color of your controller, and you can let your imagination run wild here. Often just a bold color change is enough to completely transform your controller. Buy your skin now!

It is also possible to change the individual buttons of your controller. For example, you can give them a different look, and in some cases even a different function. Think for example of the thumbsticks or triggers, they can be changed in length and resistance, to completely transform the game experience. But also the standard buttons can be replaced with custom symbols or other additions.

And finally, you can even choose to add whole new buttons to your controller. Often these buttons are located on the back, and almost all eSporters use these kind of buttons to have an extra advantage while gaming.


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