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By Consoleskins, 27 september 2021

See which generation PS5 controller you have!

Sony recently launched its new flagship device, the long-awaited PlayStation 5. True PlayStation fans have of course immediately taken it into their homes, but there is something crazy going on. With the PS5 come brand new controllers developed by Sony, but so soon after the release of the new PlayStation, new generations of these same controllers have already been released. This is a lot to digest and understand all at once, so in this article we explain everything you need to know about the different generations of PS5 controllers. Let's get straight to the point.

It's a lot to digest in one sitting, but you did read it right, there really are two generations of the brand new PS5 controller. Before we can get into the details of how this will affect you we need to take a step back, because what generations are there really? The Sony PS5 controller is available in two different generations, the BDM-010 and the BDM-020. The difference between the two is in the controller's motherboard. The motherboard is basically the control room of the controller, this is where everything leads and this is where all the input is processed. The BDM-020 has a motherboard with a slightly different layout.

This is all well and good of course, but what does this actually mean for us gamers on the new PS5? If you simply buy a controller to pair with your new PS5 to enjoy your favorite games, almost nothing changes. Both generations of PS5 controller can be connected to the PS5 without effort or technical knowledge, and both generations function great and without difficulty. The difference between the two only becomes clear when we start personalizing our controller with, for example, a new controller shell or extra buttons. Many gamers do this because originality and functionality are obviously important things in the gaming world, but make sure you buy accessories for the right generation of controller. If you don't, the accessories won't work. It is often easier to find accessories for the older BDM-010 variant.

This is useful information for people interested in personalizing and improving their controllers, but there is one essential thing we haven't discussed yet and that is recognizing. For how do you know whether you are dealing with a BDM-010 or a BDM-020 controller model?
You can see this on the back of the controller. If there is a small letter A in the middle of the top lines, you are dealing with a BDM-020, otherwise with a BDM-010.

All in all it is very important to know which controller generation you have if you plan to pimp your controller.



  • By Sin Sity Sinderella, 27 september 2021

    I found this Tom's guide article that cleared up the question immediately. The FCC ID is on the very bottom row, and if that number ends in a "1" you have the 1st gen, if it ends in the letter "A" it&#0...

  • By bruh, 27 september 2021

    A picture with a circle would have been helpful


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