Consoleskins, the specialist in Skins! is the market leader in Console Skins, we are the specialist when it comes to Skins and are offering the largest product range of Europe. Due to our extensive knowledge we are able to offer high quality Skins, caters for everyone. Our product range consists out of Skins for PlayStation, Xbox & Wii (U). Your order will be shipped next working day. Make your friends jealous with your unique Console or Controller Skin. Consoleskins ensures:

 Large product range and high quality materials
 Fast delivery - Order today = Send next working day
 24/7 Customer Service
 Pay however you like: iDeal, PayPal, Creditcard & more
 Customers rate Consoleskins with an 8.8/10 (1000+ reviews)

What are Consoleskins and what are my options?

Skins are a great way of personalizing and protecting your Console and Controller, our large product range is suitable for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a Skin of your favorite superhero, football team or one that fits with your décor; Consoleskins offers it all. The possibilities are endless. Our product range consists out of:

 PS4 Skins
 PS4 Slim Skins (new!)
 PS4 Pro Skins (new!)
 Xbox One Skins
 Xbox One S Skins (new!)
 PS3 Skins
 Xbox 360 Skins
 Wii U Skins
 PS Vita Skins
 Wii Skins
 iPhone & MacBook Skins

Thumb Grips for your Controller

Are you looking for a cheap solution to prevent cracking of the rubber analogue sticks on your Controller? Then thumbsticks are the perfect solution for you! They fit perfectly with the analog stick and make sure that the rubber does not tear. They also feel very comfortable in use. It is easier and a lot better than having to replace an entire Controller. The thumbsticks are suitable for PS4 and Xbox One

Controller Shells for your PS4 and Xbox One Controller

Your controller is fully customizable . Consoleskins is taking your gaming experience to the next level . We have a wide range of Controller Shells available for you right now. Available for PlayStation & Xbox, in all sorts & sizes, Gold, Red & Green. Everything is possible, sky’s the limit. Create your unique Controller now with our PS4 Shells & Xbox One Shells.

Personalize your Skins by creating your own design or lightbar

Consoleskins offers you to customize your own Skins. We offer the possibility to customize your own PS4 Lightbar Skin for your Controller. If you’d like to have more information regarding customizing your own Skin click here. If you’d like to design you own customized Skin , please contact and ask for the terms & conditions or click here.

What is required to apply my Skins?

The Skins are easy applicable, there are no tools required to apply this to your Controller or Console, we would highly recommend you to follow the instructions. Please click here for the installation steps.

More information?

If you’d like to know more about our Skins or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via, you can also contact and follow us on our Social Media channels.

Consoleskins Service

 Fast Delivery

 14 Days Return Policy

 24/7 Customer Service

 PayPal, Creditcard & more

 Customer Rating 8.8/10



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